Repair it Forward

PAR-Repair-It-Forward-Logo-01Repair it Forward is a program developed by The Stephenson Family that is tailored to help families that have fallen on hard times in the community around us. We all need our vehicles on a daily basis to get to work, pick up our children, make it to doctor’s appointments, and to get to the grocery store. Individuals without a working car will find that asking for rides or taking public transportation can sometimes be a bit of a headache and an inconvenience for all parties involved.

The Repair it Forward program was developed in 2015 to help one lucky family per year that has a vehicle that is unsafe, doesn’t run, won’t pass state inspection, or they just don’t have the money to fix the car. This family would receive up to $3,000 in vehicle repairs courtesy of Precision Auto Repair.

In 2017, 3rd Annual Repair It Forward – This year we wanted to do something a little different so that we could help more than just one family. So this year we gave $1500 to 2 separate families found that this had a much more meaningful impact on the community.

2019 Repair It Forward – This year we will hold true to giving away $1,500 to 2 separate families that could benefit from having a safe and reliable vehicle. All parts for this program are donated by Napa Auto Parts of Westfield MA

2019 Repair It Forward submission period has now closed as of 4/19/19, Winners will be chosen and announced within the next 2 weeks

Here’s how to enter

To be considered you must fill out the form below. The ideal candidate will outline their hardship to detail how having a working vehicle will help get them back on track. The contest rules are as follows;

  • Must have a vehicle registered in their name.Porsche mechanic west springfield ma
  • Must completely fill out the form below. A friend or family member can submit on your behalf.
  • Entries can NOT be made in person at Precision Auto or on the phone
  • $1,500 in repair allowance is valid only at Precision Auto Repair in West Springfield, MA. The $1,500 repair credit includes all parts, labor, state taxes, and fees. The entire $1,500 can be used and if it is not used then the balance of the credit will go unused and be forfeited by the end user. The repairs performed will not exceed $1,500.
  • Repairs can only be mechanical such as brakes, suspension, tires, engine and transmission issues, exhaust problems, etc. No body repairs will be considered in this program. Your vehicle can have light body damage such as dings, dents, scratches, light rust, and anything that will not cause the vehicle to fail Massachusetts State Inspection. Any major body repairs such as collision damage, major rust and rot, and any other cosmetic issue that render the vehicle unsafe will not be considered.
  • The winner will be chosen by a panel of 5 people that have volunteered to review all applications. The panel will be looking for an applicant that has shown that they will benefit the most from this program based on their descriptions of the hardship and explanation of why this program will help them

While Repair it Forward is by far our biggest program of this kind each year. We do offer similar programs at various times throughout the year. So feel free to check back regularly.

2015 Repair it Forward Winner

Precision Auto Repair and Sales Repair it Forward Winner
From left to right: Keith Connely (API), Wendy Thibault, James Stephenson (President/ Precision Auto Repair and Sales), Steven Wheeler (API)

2016 Repair it Forward Winner

From left to right: James Stephenson (Owner/ President, Precision Auto Repair and Sales, Shelby Driscol, Patrick Driscol
From left to right: James Stephenson (President/ Precision Auto Repair and Sales), Shelby Driscoll, and Patrick Driscoll

2017 Repair it Forward Winners

This was the first year that we gave to multiple winners. Totaling over $3,600 in FREE repairs!!!

Congratulations to both families.

best auto shop springfield ma
From Left: James Stephenson (President/ Precision Auto Repair), Keri Ewig, Jamie (Autopart International)

repair it forward 2017 precision auto repair west springfield
From left: James Stephenson (President/ Precision Auto Repair), Tracy Mcisaac and her 2 sons