Precision Pride Discount Club

Want big savings that you can use again and again without limits on how many times it can be used?

Then Precision Pride is right for you!!

“What is Precision Pride?”

Precision Pride is a club available ONLY to existing customers that will give you savings not available to everyone else such as:

  • 5% off EVERY single repair or service with no limits on how many times you use it.¬†(Max $100 savings)
  • Free Diagnosis for all issues (average of $60-120 in savings)
  • Specials that are only available to Precision Pride Club Members

Please note: You receive one of these each visit and will receive whichever discount is higher.

“How can I join?”Precision Auto Repair West Springfield ma Precision Pride Club

Simply tell us you want to participate during your next visit or stop by and we will put the discount club sticker on your vehicle.

It costs you $0 to join, the savings are endless, and we put your sticker on in under 1 minute.


*Discount not valid towards “today’s”¬†service

*Sticker must be on your car, not in your car

*Discount is for the first hour of diagnosis or 5%, whichever is higher

*Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer, but don’t worry because we always honor the largest discount you bring with you

*Not valid as a refund towards prior service

*Max discount of $100

*Max free diagnosis, 1 hour per visit

*Discount only valid for the vehicle the sticker is on. No sticker, no discount

Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MA Best auto repair shop near meI drive constantly for work and my car just might be possessed. I also might possibly be one of the worst drivers ever. I run over things, hit holes, and ignore lights when they come on. The people at Precision are always awesome though and get me up and running again pretty quickly. I love this new club too. I’s going to save me hundreds every year! It really shows me that I’m not just another number to them and they really do want to help. Thank you all for everything

Vanessa K

Ellington, CT