Auto Repair Payment Plans

Auto Repair Payment Plans at Precision Auto Repair in West Springfield, MAAuto repair payment plan

“Year to date in 2020 we have processed Payment Plans with an average 97.3% approval rating.”

O% 90 Day Payment Option for Good and Bad Credit

We  understand that sometimes repairs come unexpectedly and unfortunately people don’t always have the money to pay for the repair when their car breaks down. This could lead to being without your vehicle for an extended period of time. In times like these we want you to have options. So Precision Auto Repair is pleased to be able to offer Auto Repair Payment Plans that fit most budgets and credit situations.

Convenient Auto Repair Financing When You Need It Most

Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MA Best auto repair shop near me

Everything just sort of came at us all at one time. The roof on the house started to leak, then the plumbing had an issue, a tree fell in the yard, and then the car broke. Talk about inconvenience! When the car broke we called and spoke to James about Payment Options that may be available to us. After a few short conversations my husband and I were able to get the money we needed and our car was back on the road within a few hours. These guys always do such a wonderful job on our car. I recommend them to anyone looking for honesty from a mechanic. They really do care and always go above and beyond for me and my family. The payment plan was great and the repair process was even easier. Convenient and caring all the way.

Melanie B

West Springfield, MA

Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MA Best auto repair shop near me

I think the financing was awesome. I had an issue with my transmission after towing a large trailer. I found these guys through a search on the internet and called them up. When I got there i was able to get a ride back to my office and within a few hours they had some unfortunate news for me. I went about 150,000 miles towing regularly and basically forgot to change my transmission fluid. So it was time for a new one. Although I’m fortunate enough to have the money to pay for the repair I was actually able to qualify for 0%. So I went with the financing instead. Why pay for it now if I can use the bank’s money for free. This helped “soften the blow” of my transmission repair. Thanks James and staff for the wonderful job and the convenience of payment options.

Devon B

Suffield, CT

Obtaining Auto Repair Payment Plan Approval is Fast and Easy

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precision auto repair west springfield ma auto repair payment plan


Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MA Best auto repair shop near me


Being a single parent with 2 kids in college there’s never a convenient time for a breakdown. I use Precision for most of my services but recently skipped a few because I just didn’t have the money. Well something went wrong and I ended up needing a transmission repair. I knew I would have some money coming in within a few weeks but that didn’t get my car fixed today. James guided me through their Payment Plan process and I had the money in my account within 3 hours. I’m very grateful for all Precision did to help me. Oh yeah, and my car repair turned out perfect too. But I always expect and get that when I go to Precision.

Amanda S

West Springfield, MA

Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MA Best auto repair shop near me


I’m broke. No other way to put it. My work is seasonal and my wife was laid off. We make it through but don’t have money for random unexpected repairs. So when I was driving and hit a curb in the rain I found myself stranded in more ways than 1. Since I use Precision for all my services I gave them a call to see if they could help. They were pretty cool about it and put me in touch with the bank that handles this stuff and I had my car back later that day all fixed up and ready to roll. Since I was able to get a great rate I actually took slightly more than I needed and took the opportunity to have some repairs done that I was putting off. This now is a fixed payment that we can manage until my wife and I get back to work.

Michael V

Agawam, MA


**All payment plans are subject to 3rd party lender approval. Precision Auto Repair and it’s employees have no influence whatsoever in deciding approvals, terms, and conditions of all payment plans.

Other forms of acceptable payment are;

      • Visa
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • Discover
      • Debit
      • Certified Check
      • Cash

Sorry but unfortunately we do not accept personal checks.