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Dodge Wheel Bearing Repair

“Can you tell me how much it will cost to fix my brakes?” We received a call from a new customer late last week. His truck was making a grinding noise and a friend that works at a local dealership had told him he needed brakes and did the job for him. After the repair the noise was there and so was the need for a second opinion. He ended up finding us after asking around and searching “Best Auto Repair in West Springfield MA“.

The truck came in early in the morning. It’s always customary for one of our Technicians to take a ride with a customer to verify noises. We never want to end up in a situation where we hear a different noise, find a problem, and end up repairing a totally different noise that the customer wasn’t concerned about in the first place. That would be embarrassing…. not to mention a waste of time and money. Fortunately the Technician and the customer heard the noise before even leaving our parking lot.

The next step was to get a look at the suspension and brakes. After a short inspection the Technician found that while the brakes were new and installed correctly, the bearing that the brakes auto repair west springfield mamount to was literally falling off the vehicle. It was only held on by the axle nut. Which means that the entire front left wheel was only held on by the same nut.

Dodge Suspension Repair

Since the wheel was already off for the inspection this Dodge Wheel Bearing Repair was actually pretty simple. We just unbolted the old bearing and bolted a new one in place. Seeing as how the repair was unexpected this customer wasn’t financially prepared for the repair. Fortunately he was able to take advantage of our 90 Day 0% Payment Option for Auto Repairs.

The customer was in and out within a couple of hours and his repair came with our 3 year 36,000 Nationwide Warranty. When asked why he didn’t call us first he said “I thought it was going to cost more using a shop, looks like I was wrong.”


best auto mechanic west springfield ma best car dealership west springfield ma best auto sales west springfield maI’m literally blown away by the service! From how nice everyone was when I called, to the guy going for a ride with me, to the speed of the repair. This is the old school service I’ve been looking for! I’m still just in awe. I made a mistake trying to cut corners and have a friend help me. It ended up costing me an extra week and an extra $200 to do it my way. Precision had me fixed up in under 2 hours.

K. Jenson

West Springfield, MA

precision auto repair greater springfield habitat for humanity tommy house Lazer 993

Boys Under The Hood August 28, 2018

precision auto repair greater springfield habitat for humanity tommy house Lazer 993Today we had some great questions. James explained what to do if you end up with an issue with a car you just purchased. He also explained about Precision’s 100 Day Same as Cash Payment Option.

Greater Springfield Habitat For Humanity Tommy House

Then Dianne Mullin stopped by to talk about The Greater Springfield Habitat For Humanity Tommy House and how the community can get involved.

They’re looking for cash donations as well as in kind donations. If neither of those work for you, then they would love it if you could come out and help build the home. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Click here to learn more about The Greater Springfield Habitat For Humanity

Click here to donate to The Greater Springfield Habitat For Humanity

Brakes For Homes

To help with the project James announced that we are bringing back Brakes For Homes. The program is very simple:

  • You need brakes
  • We give you the brake pads for $0
  • You pay for any necessary labor and any additional needed parts (ie: rotors, hoses, fluid, calipers, etc)
  • Precision takes 10% of the sale and donates it to The Tommy House project!

Don’t need brakes? That’s ok

  • $99.99 / 4 wheel alignment special
  • Then we donate 10% of the total to The Tommy House Project

precision auto repair west springfield ma appointment

If you missed it, you can check out the entire show below!

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Boys Under The Hood April 24, 2018

Boys under the hood lazer 993 Precision auto repair pro & local detailing west springfield maCar Detailing or Alignment Issues but missed the show today? No problem! You can catch up right here 24/7.

Don’t forget to ask your questions here.  If your question is picked for “Question Of The Week” a donation will be made in your name to 1 of 3 local charities that you choose!

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Alignment, West Springfield MA

precision auto repair west springfield ma boys under the hood lazer 993 crossfit revelation enfield ctToday we had Paul from Pro & Local Detailing in West Springfield, MA pop by to give us some tips on how to get our cars looking and smelling like new for the summer.

Then we had Andrew Romeo from Crossfit Revelation in Enfield, CT stop by to tell us all about Wade’s Army and his CFR Charity Marathon Row taking place June 16th at Sonny’s Place in Somers, CT. All proceeds from the CFR Charity Marathon Row event will benefit Wade’s Army which helps fight Neuroblastoma.

To join in on the CFR Charity Marathon Row or to donate, click here.

Check out today’s show below

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Boys Under The Hood April 17, 2018

auto repair springfield ma car repair springfield ma boys under the hood lazer 993Mass State Inspection issues but missed the show today? No problem! You can catch up right here 24/7.

Don’t forget to ask your questions here.  If your question is picked for “Question Of The Week” a donation will be made in your name to 1 of 3 local charities that you choose!

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Mass State Inspection in Springfield, MA

This week Anthony Santore from Tech Auto Service in Springfield joined us to talk about some of the changes to the Mass State Inspection process. We earned a little more about how it affects and helps the consumer. Check it out below.

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precision auto repair and sales west springfield MA Repair it Forward

2nd Annual Repair it Forward Winner announcement

Last year we started a program called Repair It Forward. For those that don’t know, Repair it Forward is a program we created to give back to the community that supports us by helping a family that has fallen on hard times and can truly benefit from having a safe and reliable vehicle. The Repair it Forward Winner will receive up to $3,000 in repairs for their vehicle. While this may seem like a lot of money, and we assure you that it is. We found that the people that really needed a program like this had been putting off repairs for so long that that some of the minor and inexpensive repairs had now become major ones.

Applicants were asked to submit their hardship through our website using an online form. From there the panel would pick one winner. This year we had almost 300 participants!! Which is about 100 more than last year. This made the decision making process much more difficult because like last year, we found that there were a lot of very deserving families.

After careful consideration we were able to come up with one family that really stood out. So today we are happy to announce the winner of the 2nd annual Repair it Forward Program….

Congratulations to Patrick Driscoll of West Springfield. Patrick is a veteran, father, and husband. We hope that this $3,000 in vehicle repairs will help you advance your career as your wife Shelby was very concerned about the safety and reliability of your vehicle while traveling to and from work. Patrick also uses this vehicle daily as his work vehicle.

Patrick’s repairs will also be backed by our 2 year 24,000 mile Nationwide Warranty and 12 months of Roadside assistance. So the peace of mind doesn’t end once the repairs are finished.

Precision Auto Repair Repair it Forward Winner
From left to right: James Stephenson (Owner/ President, Precision Auto Repair and Sales), Shelby Driscol, Patrick Driscol

I personally want to thank all of our customers that come in and trust us to service their vehicles. A portion of all repair bills go towards this program, so without your trust in us we couldn’t afford to have Repair it Forward. I would also like to thank Autopart International of West Springfield for helping to sponsor this program.

Congratulations again to Patrick and Shelby. And to everyone else that applied for the program. We wish you all the best of luck.




Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MAMy husband has a jeep that has literally been falling apart for years. Precision offered a program called Repair it Forward and I entered my husband. By some small miracle we were chosen by James and his employees. They were incredible and not only repaired our car for free but they went over budget to make sure my husband would be safe in his daily driver. The work is fantastic and I can’t thank them enough for what they do. I won’t go anywhere else for my repair needs. Impeccable work, honesty, and they do what they can to help.

                                                                    Shelby Driscoll

West Springfield, MA

Western Mass News and Melha Shriners at Precision Auto Repair and Sales

Auto Repair for Charity

One of our passions here is giving back to the community that supports us. We will never be a business that takes and takes without helping as many people as we can along the way. So a few times every year we are presented with an opportunity to help someone without looking for anything in return. When we’re presented with this opportunity we go big. With all of the causes we have helped through the years and continue to support such as Brakes For Breasts, Repair it Forward (this is actually our own charity that my wife and I fund), Brightside for Families and Children,

Western Mass News and Melha Shriners at Precision Auto Repair and Sales
A great group of people all helping with an awesome cause

Shriners Hospitals for Children, Melha Shriners, Open Pantry, and many more. Today presented us with an opportunity to partner with The Western Mass News Big Y SurPRIZE Squad and give an Auto Repair for Charity. I’ve got to say that this was my favorite of anything we’ve ever done!! There’s a twist at the end, Allow me to explain;

Western Mass News reached out to us about a week ago and told us that they were interested in surprising 1 customer by paying for up to $500 of their bill. We thought that this was a great idea! So we took it a few steps further….. First, we decided to match the $500 from Western Mass News and The Big Y SurPRIZE Squad. The reason being is that most people that are REALLY in need of repairs have put off issues for so long that there is subsequent damage (issues created by other issues) and the bill can get out of control quickly. We felt that $1,000 was a good number (It gets much better).

Ricardo Cumba

We first met Ricardo a few months back. We see a few thousand customers every year and this class act stood out among the rest because of how genuinely polite he was. He brought in his 2009 Honda Civic for a major issue and ultimately didn’t have all of the money to address all issues with the vehicle. Like many people he was left in a situation where he had to prioritize by repairing the issue that was causing the car not to run at all and push aside some other issues until he could get some more money together. The hardship comes in because Ricardo is Active Duty in The US Army National Guard, has 2 children (1 of which turns 5 today), and a baby on the way. He’s doing everything he can to make ends meet for his family and to provide for them, so even though there are issues with his car he just has other priorities that top that list. Which we can all relate to. Ricardo puts his butt on the line for us protecting our country, the least we could do is fix his car for him. To learn more about this repair process you can find it here.

Take a minute to watch the story;
Western Mass News – WGGB/WSHM

So as promised, there was a twist at the end. Ricardo’s bill came out to $1,000 (slightly over actually). We took the $1,000 ($500 from us and $500 from The Western Mass News Big Y SurPRIZE Squad) and gave it all to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Then we paid the remainder of his bill for him. The hospital is in need of an EOS Imaging x-ray machine that will help assess the needs of children by using Ultra-safe low dose radiation technology that reduces the risk of cancer for patients who receive repeated x-rays. It uses Nobel-Prize winning technology. This machine will cost just under $900,000.

shriners hospital for children donation
I could probably use a lesson in handwriting, or just print checks like other businesses do.

Thanks to Western Mass News, Brittany Decker, The Big Y SurPRIZE Squad, Melha Shriners, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and our wonderful staff that fixed Ricardo’s car. Today was a great an awesome day!!!

If you’re interested in donating to Shriners Hospitals for Children you can click here. Every bit helps….

Are you or do you know an Automotive Technician that shares the same passion for helping the community and fixing cars as we do? We’re looking to hire 1 more Superstar Technician. Learn more here.


Precision Auto Repair and Sales West Springfield MA


“I can’t believe this happened to me and my family. I do my job because I love it. I’ve never looked for any recognition and never will. But to be noticed in this way and receive a gift like this… It’s really special. This is something I will never forget. Thank you to everyone that made this possible for me and my family. You don’t know how much it means to us.”

Ricardo Cumba

Westfield, MA

Brake Job

Dodge Brake Job

Dodge Brake Job

While there are a lot of things we put into every job to make sure the customer is happy. Safety is what tDodge Brake Jobops the list of importance for us. Not just for the customer but for their families, friends, pedestrians, and other motorists. If your vehicle is unsafe you are literally a rolling liability to anyone and everyone you pass. We don’t take that lightly. Today we saw a new customer come in that had failed Mass State Inspection for a faulty Emergency Brake. He decided to perform this Dodge Brake Job on his own and failed….

Brakes are one of the more simple maintenance items we perform here daily. As you step on the brakes, the brake pads wear out. So it’s not uncommon to see a need for brakes. But replacing them isn’t as simple as just putting new pads in. There’s quite a bit that goes into it because you don’t just want the brakes to work and be safe. You want them to last and function properly for years to come without noise or any other issues. That all starts with having a properly Trained Technician installing top quality parts, the right way….

This customer felt that they would save a few bucks and replace their faulty Emergency Brake Shoes on their own. The problem they ran into was pretty obvious. Take a look;


Cracked Rim
As you can see there is a crack where the caliper finally wedged itself into the rim causing it to lock up

Not only did the brake caliper and bracket grind into the rim, but it wedged itself into the rim causing a crack. When it did this the vehicle skidded to a stop because the wheel was locked up. VERY DANGEROUS!!!!! He probably saved about $100 or so doing it himself, which is cool….. But he could have crashed or worse, he also needs a rim for $600-700, and he had to get the car towed for probably another $100. So how much did he really save?

We completely understand that price is important. But do you really want to find out that you probably should have had your Brake Job performed by a Professional Technician now by reading this or find out at 70 mph while uncontrollably skidding to a stop on the highway in the middle of the night like this guy did?

Need brakes? Give us a call at 413.363.0306 today or Schedule Online today.

There’s no added cost to having it done correctly, just added value.

Precision Auto Repair

Automotive Technician Job Opening

Hiring Automotive Technicians

We’re growing again! Which has left us with an Automotive Technician Job Opening that can earn you up to a $5,000 Sign on Bonus and many other awesome benefits.

We attribute our growth to high quality repairs and a consistently high level of customer service. We also never compromise our ethics by performing repairs that are not in the customer’s best interest and we will never put money ahead of people. Then we back our repairs with our 2 year, 24,000 mile Nationwide Warranty AND 12 month Roadside Assistance. It’s all about giving the customer peace of mind. In short, our growth is the result of the ability, aptitude, and ethics of our staff. They’re the absolute best at what they do and we’re looking for 1 more individual to add to the team.

Precision auto repair west springfield MA

What we offer;

  • Up to $5,000 Sign on Bonus
  • Top pay for the top Technicians! – Start making what you’re worth
  • 5 day workweek  No weekends EVER! – We understand that spending time with family is important and that a relaxed employee is actually much more productive than one that is overworked and stressed.
  • Paid Holidays – If we’re closed for a major Holiday, you get paid.
  • Health Insurance – After 90 days we will pay 50% of your health insurance
  • Retirement Planning – After 1 year we offer a company matched retirement plan (up to 3%) and financial counseling from one of the area’s leading Investment Groups.
  • Vacation – After 1 year you’re eligible for 1 week of paid vacation
  • Profit Sharing – After 2 years you’re eligible for up to 5% of company net earnings paid at the end of the calendar year as a bonus
  • Clean and organized facility – We can’t expect you to work in a mess
  • State of the art equipment – We invest a significant portion of our earnings back into the latest technologies every single year
  • Automotive Training – While most learning will take place on the job. At various times throughout the year you will be asked to attend company paid training. These training’s will help keep you up to date on all the latest technological advances in the automotive field.
  • Company outings – It’s important that since we work together as a team that we sometimes “play” together as a team. So a few times every year we get together outside of work and enjoy a family friendly event.

Mercedes Benz Repair west springfield ma

Hiring Auto Mechanics

Minimum qualifications accepted;

  • ASE Certification(s) preferred
  • Valid driver’s license with clean driving record
  • Ability to pass a drug test – We are a completely drug and alcohol free facility. There is zero tolerance for that stuff here
  • 5+ years of on the job experience
  • European and Asian on the job experience preferred
  • Full set of tools – we provide all heavy equipment, special tools, and diagnostic equipment.
  • Positive attitude
  • At least 5 professional references

We are looking real Superstars to come join our team and help us grow. If this sounds like something you’re interested in then please feel free to upload a copy of an up to date resume here and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to speaking with you!


Faulty fuel pump

Subaru Fuel Pump Repair

Subaru Stalling

As you can see the connector is melted in one spot and scorched in another and the power wire is burned and melted
As you can see the connector is melted in one spot and scorched in another and the power wire is burned and melted

About 2-3 months ago we received a call from a man that was having trouble with his car. In certain situations he would lose all power and the vehicle would just shut off. He wanted a price for a Tune up but based on what he was telling us, a Tune Up wasn’t going to help him. It was actually going to just waste time and money. We told him that it sounded like an issue with his Subaru Fuel Pump and that we would need to check a few things to be sure.

He said he would call us back and a few hours later called to tell us that his buddy is a mechanic that used to own his own shop (here we go again….) and can fix it for him cheaply (and again…). Then thanked us for the help. Now fast forward 2-3 months to this week.

Subaru Fuel Pump Replacement

Here's another view of the same 3 spots on the fuel pump
Here’s another view of the same 3 spots on the fuel pump


It turns out that in this case the mechanic friend almost killed him….. literally! Those are pictures of the Subaru Fuel Pump. The friend verified what we said and that there was an issue with the Fuel Pump. What was actually happening was the pump was just worn out internally and it needed to be replaced. This “friend” just ran more power to the pump by running a wire from the battery right down to the pump. The only way to explain how much more power that is would be to say, it’s like lighting a birthday candle in a bonfire. It’s WAY too much power. So what happened?

The power wire to the pump got so hot it melted itself, the connector to the pump melted from heat, and the pump got so hot internally it began to melt the cap of the pump. Remember, not only is this pump hot and melting but it’s submerged in gasoline….

If you don’t know what happens when fire and gasoline mix check this out.

(In his defense there was a Spider)

The customer only realized that there was a problem because the “Friend’s Fix” didn’t work and actually made the problem worse. He had no idea that he was driving around in a rolling bomb. We took care of all of the issues and had the customer back on the road safely within a few hours and backed our repair with our 2 year 24,000 mile Nationwide warranty and 12 month roadside assistance.


5 Star Rating


It’s tough to find a good mechanic and one that you can trust. I thought my friend knew what he was talking about because I’ve known him for years. I was almost in disbelief to see what Precision found but I’m thankful that they found it. They kept me informed the whole time my car was there and even sent me pictures and e mails showing me everything that was going on with my car. It’s tough to find transparency like that in this day and age. For anyone looking to get their car fixed I want you to take it from me. I’m cheap! I’m as cheap as it gets. I tried to take the cheap way out this time and it almost killed me. That’s not cool. Leave the car stuff to the professionals at Precision auto. They know what they’re doing and they’re really not all that expensive when compared to the dealer. A+++++ guys.

Henry D

West Springfield, MA

Ford Exhaust Manifold Leak Repair

It’s safe to say that noises drive me crazy. Any sort of repetitive ticking, squeaking, or clicking is literally torture for me. This week we saw a customer that shared the same affliction as me and in this case his noise came in the form of an Exhaust Leak on his Ford truck.

We see a lot of Ford Exhaust Leak Repairs throughout the year. The most common leak we see on these trucks is actually caused by faulty Exhaust Manifolds. They actually rot out and eventually crack which gives the exhaust a place to leak out. This ultimately causes a very annoying noise, power loss, lowered fuel economy, Failed Mass State Inspection, and can cause the Check Engine Light to come on. In most cases it’s a simple fix, but on some of them the parts and bolts become rotted and break when coming out.

Ford Exhaust Manifold Replacement

First we need to remove them. It’s a pretty tight space so the Technician(s) just needs to make sure that everything in the way is properly removed and secured out of the way.

It would appear that the technician is laying down on the job, but it's just a tough space and this is really the only way he can gain access to a few of the bolts
It would appear that the technician is laying down on the job, but it’s just a tough space and this is really the only way he can gain access to a few of the bolts









Ford Exhaust Manifold Leak

Once the manifolds were removed the Technician was able to inspect them a little easier. As you can see there is a small crack in the manifold that was the source of the exhaust leak and noise.

The green-ish/ yellow line is the crack
The green-ish/ yellow line is the crack










Finished Product

As you can see the Ford Exhaust Manifolds are really in a tight spot. With just a little buttoning up and reattaching the remainder of the exhaust this customer will be back on the road in no time.

As you can see, the exhaust manifold is in a really tight space.
As you can see, the exhaust manifold is in a really tight space.








This repair takes a little bit of time and has to be done by Trained Technicians. Fortunately for this customer he had an Aftermarket Warranty that he purchased when he bought the truck and they paid the bill for him. We work with most Aftermarket Warranty companies on the market today and back most repairs with our 2 year, 24,000 mile Nationwide warranty and 12 month roadside assistance.

5 Star Rating


I had the best experience today with precision auto repair. They worked with my warrantee contractor and achieved the best results for me. Thank you much. You now have another loyal customer. Highly recommend.

Jon B

Feeding Hills, MA