Jeep Check Engine Light

Jeep check engine light repair

Jeep Check Engine Light Transmission Repair

A Check Engine Light can definitely give you an uneasy feeling when driving down the road. Just about every single working hour of every single day we get calls fromJeep transmission repair people asking how much for a “Tune up” or “How much to replace” a specific part (you can read more about that here). The reality is that when that light comes on most people think a Tune Up or a gas cap is the problem and just want a price for either. The problem here is that based on our experience less than 2% of the customers that call or just come in requesting a certain part replacement or ‘Tune Up” actually need that part or service to repair their immediate concern. Seem like a low number? We agree!

Jeep Repair

Today I want to tell you about a customer that absolutely insisted we replace her Jeep Transmission because she was told it needed one. Our first interaction was when she called us about a week ago. She said that her Jeep Check Engine Light had come on and the dealer told her she needed a new transmission. She looked for a second opinion at another local shop that confirmed that her Jeep Transmission needed to be replaced but they “don’t have the equipment” to handle the job for her (Tip; With the exception of computer reprogramming, in most cases if a shop “doesn’t have the equipment” to perform a repair then they most likely don’t have the proper training or tools to properly diagnose the issue in the first place). She was quoted roughly $4000 to replace the transmission and was hoping to get it done cheaper. The woman basically dropped the vehicle off and said “Don’t let the bill go over $4,000”.

Jeep check engine light repairNow it’s important to point out that all of our repairs start with having one of our Trained Master Technicians properly diagnose the vehicle before we give any quotes for repairs or  replace parts that may not need to be replaced (we go more into detail about this here). The main reason is that we want the customer to leave happy and that wouldn’t happen if we were replacing parts that didn’t fix customer concerns.

So as usual the repair process started with a road test. We found that the vehicle was stuck in 2nd gear. When we scanned the computer for codes (Code is a sequence of numbers that lead us to a troubled area, no scanner will tell you the exact issue without a little bit of testing). The codes were leading us to an issue inside the transmission. So we decided to take a look inside. When we lowered the pan on the bottom of the transmission that holds all of the fluid we found a couple of broken screws and when we started inspecting we found that the metal plate that holds the accumulators into the valve body was bent and broken. The broken screws in the pan were clearly used to hold the metal plate in place but when they broke it allowed the plate to bend.

Jeep Valve Body Repair

This Jeep Repair was actually pretty simple. We lowered the valve body, replaced the seals on the accumulators, replaced the metal plate, the screws that hold the plate in place, and filled the transmission with new fluid. After that we cleared the codes and took it for a road test to verify that everything was working like it should. Jeep check engine light repair

The entire repair took a few hours and only cost the customer a few hundred dollars. While replacing the transmission would have definitely fixed her issue, it also would have cost her about $3,600 more than our repair and with the exact same result. Replacing the transmission would have just been unethical.

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I must say that I was pretty annoyed that they wouldn’t just give me a price. Like how hard can that be to look up? But once I picked up my vehicle I realized why they do things that way. I was absolutely insistent on getting a price and wanted them to just go ahead and order the transmission. If “the customer was always right” I would have had to pay over $3,000 more for my Jeep to get fixed. These guys are the best! They really are. I went in because of the reviews and they were spot on. From beginning to end this group of people really know how to treat people and they know how to fix cars. I suggest checking them out. Great place and great people.

Melissa A.

Feeding Hills, MA



Jeep Axle Repair

Jeep axle

Jeep Axle Repair

Most us can look back at a time when we got stuck in the snow or mud. It’s a horrible feeling. For me personally I get mad at my car when I’m the one that got it stuck…. Last week we saw a customer come in with a really nice Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. He was passing by someone that was stuck and decided to help pull them out. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to pull the vehicle out and the whole ordeal ended up with the need for a Jeep Axle Repair.Broken Jeep axle

“No good deed goes unpunished” – Clare Boothe Luce

Jeep Repair

When the customer brought the Jeep in he was holding a large piece of the axle in his hand and there was a puddle of differential (gears that help move the wheels) fluid under the right front of the vehicle. It didn’t take much time to see where the problem was. The only potential issue here is that when the axle breaks there is a large possibility that the remaining portion of the axle can damage other components when it spins free, or the piece that broke off could damage things on the way out.
Jeep axle

One of our Master Technicians checked the whole front suspension and the damaged area. The customer was pretty lucky because the only major problems were the axle being broken and the axle seal. We also noticed an ABS light on the dash that was caused by an improper alignment (the skid light will come on if the steering wheel is off center because the vehicle thinks it’s sliding sideways down the road sideways and the driver has turned the steering wheel to correct course). So we recommended replacing the axle, the seal, and an alignment.

Jeep Service

It was a pretty simple fix. The broken portion of the axle was removed. Then the front differential had to come apart to replace the seal. There are special tools that are “supposed” to make replacing this seal easy but we have the tools and the seal never goes in correctly… So we access the seal by going into the differential. After we put everything back together we performed an alignment.

Jeep U joint repair

In conclusion, this was a pretty simple repair. The only problem was that we had to wait a few days for a new axle to come in. Other than that the customer was out the door as quickly as possible and he won’t be towing anyone out of the snow anytime soon. A somewhat happy ending to a good deed that went wrong.