Precision Auto Repair Customer Loyalty Programs

Auto Repair Customer Loyalty Programs

At Precision Auto Repair we love seeing familiar faces. Aside from all of the customer amenities that we offer, we feel that while you don’t actually ask for any sort of a reward for coming here, it’s the least we can do to show you our appreciation for the trust you place in us. Below are the 2 main customer loyalty programs that we offer.

While you can easily be enrolled in both programs, we only honor one discount per service. But don’t worry, if you have multiple discounts available to you we simply apply the one that benefits you the most.

4 Seasons Card – Max discount of $100/yr, $25 every season

Precision Auto Repair West Springfield MA Customer Loyalty CardWhile the 4 Seasons Card is great for everyone and all current customers receive one, it’s designed to meet the needs of customers that drive newer cars that have lower mileage and won’t need any major repairs. If you’re under factory warranty then this is right for you! – James Stephenson / President

Our average customer makes 3 visits to our shop per year for Auto Service. So we developed a loyalty plan that will allow you to save up to $100 per year for doing nothing more than returning to us for service when they’re due.  The program is designed to give you $25 off during each of the 4 seasons of the year. Getting your savings is pretty simple.

The cards are automatically mailed to customers in late December. The criteria used for determining who gets a card is very simple, you MUST have at least 1 visit within the past 12 months or you will not automatically receive a card in the mail. Or if you have a visit this calendar year you will receive a card when you leave that you can use towards your next visit with us and you’re free to use the remainder of the year’s savings.

To use your card:

  • Bring your card in with you when you come in for a repair or service
  • We then deduct $25 off your entire bill


  • Must have your card present to redeem.
  • Limit of $25 per season per card.
    • Cards are issued based on the last visit the registered owner brought the vehicle. If you have multiple cars in your name by default you will only receive one card per household. If you require additional discounts for multiple cars, please ask about our fleet programs.
      • Example: Mr and Mrs Jones have 2 cars but they’re both under Mr Jones’ name, the system will only mail Mr. Jones a card. Mrs Jones will simply need to ask for one at her next service.
  • Existing Customers Only.
  • Not valid as a refund towards prior service.
  • No cash value granted for the monetary value on the card. In short, use it or lose it.
    • Purchase must be equal to or greater than the value of the current season.
  • Can not be combined with any other discounts offered.
    • Don’t worry, like we mentioned above if you have another discount available we always apply the highest discount

Please note: All of these restrictions are listed on the back of the card for easy reference

It’s exactly that simple!

Precision Pride

Precision Pride is a program that we developed to help existing customers that drive cars that are a few years old, higher mileage, or out of warranty. The main features of this plan are Free Diagnosis or 5% off… Forever! You can also use it an unlimited amount of times. The average Savings is around $129 per visit and it costs you $0 to enroll – James Stephenson / President

Precision Pride is a club available ONLY to existing customers that will give you savings not available to everyone else such as:

  • 5% off EVERY single repair or service with no limits on how many times you use it (Max $100 savings).
  • Free Diagnosis for all issues (average of $60-120 in savings).
  • Limited Time Specials that are only available to Precision Pride Club Members.
  • Costs $0 to enroll

Please note: You receive one of these discounts each visit and will receive whichever discount is higher.

“How can I join?”Precision Auto Repair West Springfield ma Precision Pride Club

Simply tell us you want to participate during your next visit or stop by and we will put the discount club sticker on your vehicle.

It costs you $0 to join, the savings are endless, and we put your sticker on in under 1 minute.


*Discount not valid towards “today’s” service

*Sticker must be on your car, not in your car

*Discount is for the first hour of diagnosis or 5%, whichever is higher

*Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer, but don’t worry because we always honor the largest discount you bring with you

*Not valid as a refund towards prior service

*Max discount of $100

*Max free diagnosis, 1 hour per visit

*Discount only valid for the vehicle the sticker is on. No sticker, no discount, no exceptions

Last Minute Booking Discounts

We always have and always will operate using an appointment calendar. The reason we do this is we want to make sure that we have enough time to fix your vehicle so you can get back to driving it. But guess what – things happen!! Like we get a cancellation, the Big E is going on (if you’re from Western Mass you will understand), or when someone reschedules we end up with a last minute hole in our schedule.

Last year we started a new text program that will text a select few customers and offer them a Significant Discount if they want to take that last minute slot. This is great for someone that’s been putting off a needed repair for quite some time. The size of the hole in our schedule typically determines the size of the offer . The average last minute offer is typically 15-20% off and the offer has to be used during select dates that are always last minute. These slots are also first come, first served and always fill up fast.

So if you’re in need of a repair and see this text come through, take it. Also, if you haven’t seen this text and would like to be added to the list please let us know and we will happily add you to the list. This type of opening is available typically 2-3x per month.

All customers with declined repairs are automatically added to this list unless they tell us otherwise.

Payment PlansAuto repair payment plan

If this was a perfect world a Car Repair would always come up exactly when you knew it was going to and when you were financially prepared for it to happen. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world. So for those of us that don’t always prepare for the worst and hope for the best, we have partnered with some of the best lenders in the business to bring you payment options for pretty much every income level, credit history, and situation imaginable.

Our Current best offering is 0% for 100 Days. This plan is good for those with:

  • Great Credit
  • Good Credit
  • Bad Credit
  • Really Horrible Credit
  • No Credit Check…..

For more details or to obtain a pre approval simply give us a call or click here