Automotive Technician Apprentice Program

“What’s an Automotive Technician do?”

Two Hundred and Fifty Three Million ( 253,000,000)…… That’s roughly how many cars are on the road in the US right now. The average age of those cars is 11.4 years old and the average factory warranty only covers most vehicles for 3-5 years or so. You can try to do the math or we can just mutually agree that there are a lot of cars out there that are in need of service and repair right now. To us, that sounds like job security for many years to come which is why we created our Automotive Technician Apprentice Program.Automotive Technician Apprentice West Springfield MA

If you love cars there has NEVER been a better time to be an Automotive Technician. The cars are faster, they last longer, the technology is cooler than ever, and the demand for Skilled Technicians has never been higher. The best part about being an Automotive Technician is the rewarding feeling of fixing something that people need on a daily basis to get to work, appointments, drop kids off at school, etc.

As an Automotive Technician you literally get to do something you love and by doing what you love, you’re helping people. That’s awesome!!!!

We do not hire Technicians here, we “build” them!

This may sound crazy but we’re an Automotive Repair Shop that doesn’t hire Automotive Technicians. If you’re a veteran Technician with every certification imaginable, we think that’s awesome! But we won’t hire you.

We prefer to train our new Technicians or as we call it, we “Build” them. The reason that we feel so strongly about “Building” Technicians is that we get a blank slate… We have the opportunity to teach and train someone rather than try and retrain and break bad habits.

If you’ve heard we have high standards, you heard correctly. While we’re not a military barracks, we do expect a certain performance out of Technicians. Over the years we have found that when we hire someone that has been working on cars for 10-15 years they come in and say we’re too “particular”. But when we hire an Apprentice Technician and train them properly from Day 1 they know the right way to do the job. So what some call “anal”, “too perfect”, or (my personal favorite) “Unrealistic” simply becomes known as “The right way to do the job”.

I don’t know about you but I rather have the perfectionist working on my car…

We also have to remember that while we’re having fun doing our job, people put their lives in our hands each and every single day. So we need to be on point.

“How do you Build an Automotive Technician?”

It’s easy! We have some of the best Master Technicians around. When you have such great Technicians that have been with the company for so many years it’s easy to build a training program around them that is easy to understand, easy to follow, and with information that is presented in a specific way that is easy to retain. We’re also trying to duplicate the high quality and highly productive habits of the team we have in place so there’s no better way to do that than by learning from working in a highly structured environment right next to highly skilled and Trained Technicians.

Our Top 3 Technicians here, combined have over 60 years of experience. You can learn about how to be a Technician on YouTube or really learn from some of the best Techs around.  – James Stephenson/ Owner Precision Auto Repair

With anything it’s about repetition over time. Think Daniel son and Mr. Miyagi (if you don’t know what this reference is then you need to get on YouTube and look up The Karate Kid, it will change your life). While none of us here claim to have Mr Miyagi level talents there is a simple beauty in the opening lesson Miyagi gave Daniel son. “Wax on, Wax off”, something so simple helped build the foundation for Daniel son to beat that bully Johnny from Kobra Kai (seriously if you have never seen the original Karate Kid you need to get on that).

Fortunately, our training is much less violent and much less painful than what Daniel son went through. We have developed a structured training curriculum that gives step by step training to help Apprentice Technicians become Superstars in our industry.

“What can I expect?”

automotive technician apprentice job west springfield maFirst thing I can guarantee, every day won’t be easy. It just won’t. Apprentice Technicians are coming in to learn a whole new industry and while the intent isn’t to overwhelm them, it can happen. If you want to be a successful Automotive Technician you have to be smart, really smart.

Think of our Automotive Technician Apprentice Program like learning to walk before you can run. We’re going to cover everything from why it’s important to wear comfortable shoes all the way through to how to index crank bearings.

But this happens in a very specific and structured way. Remember “walk before you can run”, so you shouldn’t expect to be rebuilding engines on the first day.

“Why work for Precision Auto?”

There are lots of reasons to work for us.

  • 5 day workweek, No weekends EVER!
  • Apprentice Technicians get a FREE TOOLBOX
  • Top pay for employees with the best aptitude, attitude, and ethic
    • + Production, Quality, and CSI Bonuses (if you work harder and do a better job you should be compensated for it)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Health Insurance
  • 401K with 3% match
  • Paid Vacation
  • Profit Sharing (after 2 years)
  • Clean and organized facility
  • State of the art equipment
  • Training
  • Company outings

The most important reason to work for us. We care about people. We care about our staff, we care about our friends (customers), and we are an ethics based company that will never do anything to compromise our beliefs and ethics to make a buck. Simply put, we will NEVER put money ahead of people.

Each and every single one of us come in every day and give 100%. Not because this is a job, but because we truly enjoy helping people. Cars are pretty cool too!

“How do I join Precision Auto Repair’s Automotive Technician Apprentice Program?”

The process is very simple. Please completely fill out the form below to be considered. We are currently only taking 2 Apprentice Technicians in 2018.

The ideal candidate has:

  • Valid Drivers license
  • Automotive Technician Trade School (High School of College)
  • 1-2 years professional experience (This is NOT a requirement)
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Reliable transportation to and from work
  • Hand tools (not required to start, but you’re going to need them as you progress)

Apprentice Technician Application

Apprentice Technician Application
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY