Auto Repair Payment Plans

Auto Repair Payment Plans Tailored To Meet Your Needs

One of the most popular financing options the 100 Day Payment Option. This Payment Plan can allow you to spread your payments out with 0% interest for up to 100 Days by paying a 1 time $40 processing fee (and obviously paying the balance borrowed). Another popular option is for people with excellent credit which allows you to extend for up to 12 months without paying any interest. Both of these popular options allow you to make a much smaller and sometimes more manageable payment. Whatever your reasoning we’re happy to say that we have partnered with multiple  lenders that can help provide you with the best financing options to meet most credit histories and budgets.

While approvals, terms, and conditions of all Payment Plans are subject to 3rd party approval. We’re pleased to help you find the option below that best fits your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I get this loan and repair the car myself?

A:  I’m sorry but the answer is No. All payment plans are only valid for repairs performed by Precision Auto Repair in our West Springfield, MA location. We then back most repairs with our Nationwide 3 Year 36,000 Mile Warranty and 12 Months of Roadside Assistance at no additional cost.

Q: How long does approval take?

A: Our average customer receives an approval within minutes.

Q: How do the bad credit Payment Plans work?

A: We currently have 3 options but our most popular option with the best approval rating is the 100 day payment option. This bank looks more at the borrowers current financial borrowing ability rather than focusing just on credit history. This plan allows you to pay off the balance within 100 days for 0% interest. The bank only adds a one time $40 fee to the balance of the loan.

ie: You borrow $2,500 and pay it off within 100 days, the total you pay back is $2,540.

Please note: If you go over 100 days, the bank will apply interest to the loan. If needed you can also easily extend the payments for up to 12 months but you will pay interest to do that. That interest amount varies per borrower. Our advice, pay it off within 100 days so you don’t pay any interest….

Q: I had “X, Y, Z…” happen and missed a payment but I’m good for it. Can you get the bank to approve me?

A: Unfortunately we have no influence or bearing whatsoever on any of the terms, conditions, rates, and approvals. We pair with a few different banks and will help steer you in the right direction. All financing is done through a 3rd party bank and we are simply making an introduction between you and the them. However, we can say confidently that we use these banks because they specialize in programs for good and bad credit. Most of our customers in a “less than ideal” credit situation that are looking for this service have no trouble getting an approval. But unfortunately it isn’t up to us to decide.

Q: I have perfect credit! Why would I need a loan like this?

A: The reality is that most of the customers using our payment plan options are customers with excellent credit. Auto Repair Loans aren’t just for people with bad credit. Even people with excellent credit can experience unexpected and costly break downs. Most use these plans when they don’t have the cash flow or don’t have the ability to pay off their credit card in full within the month. Some of the available plans will allow well qualified individuals the ability to pay up to 12 months Same As Cash. This allows them to keep their cash on hand and use the bank’s money to pay for their repairs.

Auto Repair Payment Plans for “Bad Credit”

Think that no one will help you out in your time of need? Think again!!

We all fall on hard times and make mistakes at some point. We’re human! That’s why we’re pleased to offer Auto Repair Payment Plans for people with Bad Credit too.

The approval process is very simple even with Bad Credit. All you need;

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid e mail address
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Social Security Number
  • No open Bankruptcies
  • Have a valid debit card
  • Valid checking account, not currently overdrawn with at least $40 in it
  • Have a current job making at least $12,000/yr

Click the image below to obtain your pre approval

auto repair financing west springfield ma






Auto Repair Financing for “Good Credit”

There are some excellent Auto Repair Financing options for individuals with good credit. Our most popular option is the 100 Day 0% Interest Plan.

Click the image below to obtain your pre approval

bad credit auto repair loan west springfield ma

Auto Repair Financing for “Excellent Credit”

Do you have awesome credit and want to see about the Same as Cash options that will allow you to defer payments for up to 6 or even 12 months?

These options will require you to actually come into the shop to speak with us. There are currently no online pre approval options for these types of payment plans.

Please call or stop by for more details and to apply today!

auto repair payment plan springfield ma

**All payment plans are subject to 3rd party lender approval. Precision Auto Repair and it’s employees have no influence whatsoever in deciding approvals, terms, and conditions of all payment plans.



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Life Saver!!!!!! I admit it that I don’t take care of my car. I’m just too busy. I recently moved to the area to start a new job and right now I have a slight money problem. Like I have NO money. What do you think happens? My car breaks and I had ZERO money to fix it. I found Precision through the recommendation of a few co workers and had my car towed down. I thought I was going to have to wait a few weeks to get it fixed because I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it, but they were great. I was able to go online and get financing while I waited for them to tell me what blew up. 2 days later my car was done and I was on my way. You don’t know how much this means to me and my family. The whole staff over there is the best!! The finance company was great too.

Cara V

Westfield, MA

Other forms of acceptable payment are;

      • Visa
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • Discover
      • Debit
      • Certified Check
      • Cash

Sorry but unfortunately we do not accept personal checks at this time.