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Coats for cars precision auto repair west springfield ma

Coats For Cars 2017

The warm weather is fading away in our rear view mirror and the temperatures are starting to drop. This means only one thing….. The start of our second annual Coats For Cars Coat Drive! Last year with your help we […]

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backpack donation, giving back to the community

Tools for Back to School

Backpacks for Local Families Today was a very special day for us here at Precision Auto Repair. As you know we love giving back to the community that continues to support us. We have great programs like Repair it Forward and […]

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brake pad wear indicator light

“When should I get new brakes?”

It’s safe to say that the brake system is one of the most serviced systems in your vehicle. Between regular adjustments, periodic inspections,  Brake Fluid Flushes (yes this is a real thing), and pad replacement the average driver can expect to […]

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Precision Auto Repair 4 Seasons Savings Card

2018 Customer Loyalty Plans

Precision Auto Repair Customer Loyalty Programs If I could tell you a low cost way to make sure your car ran like new while lowering your chances of unexpected break downs, would you listen? Of course you would! You’re in […]

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Jeep check engine light repair

Jeep Check Engine Light

Jeep Check Engine Light Transmission Repair A Check Engine Light can definitely give you an uneasy feeling when driving down the road. Just about every single working hour of every single day we get calls from people asking how much for […]

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Volvo repair differential replacement

Volvo grinding noise

Volvo Grinding Noise While Driving About a week ago we received a call from a long time customer saying that he hears a noise coming from the back  of his Volvo XC90 when driving down the road. We didn’t think […]

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Audi check engine light repair clogged vacuum line

Audi Check Engine Light Repair

Audi Check Engine Light On a daily basis customers bring cars in concerned that their Check engine Light is on. So Check engine light repair is nothing new to us. While there is no computer on the market that can pinpoint […]

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BMW repair broken spring

BMW noise over bumps

BMW Making a Noise Over Bumps Noises are the worst. From squeaks that drive you crazy all the way through to clunks that make you question the safety of your vehicle. This week we saw a long time customer concerned […]

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air conditioner not working

Air conditioner not working

“Why isn’t my air conditioner working?” While most of us wanted the warm weather to arrive, not everyone is happy about it. Especially if you’re one of the many that has a problem with their Air Conditioner not working in […]

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Broken Subaru Timing Belt West Springfield MA

Subaru Timing Belt Replacement

Subaru Timing Belt Replacement A well maintained timing belt is essential in making sure that your vehicle will last for years to come. They don’t need to be replaced too often and the cost to replace the belt is fairly […]

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strut replacement west springfield ma

Noise Over Bumps

Clunking Noise Over Bumps We feel that there’s nothing better than a nice smooth riding vehicle. Today we met a new customer that feels the exact same way but was going crazy because his vehicle was making a Clunking Noise Over […]

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Porsche repair technician

Porsche Vibration Repair

Porsche Vibration Repair In my opinion, Porsche makes one of the nicest vehicles on the road today. But there’s nothing worse than driving one that has squeaks, noises, and vibrations. We saw one today where the customer was concerned about […]

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Worn Brake pads

Where can I get my brakes replaced ?

Where can I get my brakes replaced? Are you hearing a grinding or squealing noise when braking and wondering “Where can I get my brakes replaced?” We’ve got you covered. Other than Oil Changes, Brake pad replacement is one of […]

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Volkswagen check engine light repair

Why is my Check Engine Light on ?

Why is my Check Engine Light on? Have you ever thought, “Why is my Check Engine Light on in my Volkswagen”? Today we saw an interesting case for why the light came on and the fix was pretty neat. We have […]

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precision auto repair and sales west springfield MA Repair it Forward

2nd Annual Repair it Forward Winner announcement

Last year we started a program called Repair It Forward. For those that don’t know, Repair it Forward is a program we created to give back to the community that supports us by helping a family that has fallen on […]

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